Monday, March 3, 2008

Kashmir Singh

Now a days Kashmir Singh is hitting headline news of both electronic and print media. The media reports cover aspects regarding his age, term of his detention, his family etc. However, a brief information as exactly what he did is missing. So after making efforts I discovered that information and want to share the same with you here.

His story began back in 1972 when as a consequence of humiliating defeat and surrender of Pakistan Army, 90 thousand army personnel were arrested by India. Indian Government tried to manipulate this historical victory and deployed a Special Force to brainwash the war prisoners. In order to achieve this ill motive they used to send the personnel of Special forces in different disguises to the jails. The duty of them was to establish friendship with the prisoners and after complete brainwash they were included in the Special Force as their Secret Agent in Pakistan Army. Kashmir Singh was also a member of that Special Force. So used to go to the jails and chat with them for hours. He disguised himself as a postman and presented himself to be a very jolly and talkative. During this period he found his target, who was a Lance Nike. Kashmir Singh established friendship with that Lance Nike and offered him to spy for India which was gladly accepted.

As a consequence of heroic efforts and exhaustive discussions Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto succeeded to arrive at an agreement with India to get our 90 thousand troops free. On 3rd July, 1972 that Lance Nike was also freed and went to his home country and continued to establish friendly relationship with Kashmir Singh. Later on he invited Kahsmir Singh to Pakistan. He told that he had had an information very precious for Indian Army and he could pass on this information to him. So in hurry the Government of India made necessary arrangements for his travel to Pakistan. In a chilly, ill-fated evening of 1973 he crossed the border and through a bus went to Rawalpindi where, according to the plan, his friend would meet him in a coffee shop. So he went there and started waiting for his friend who never came but the Pakistan Army personnel who were there in the concealing outfits of customers in the coffee shop arrested him and after brief court martial he was awarded capital punishment.

So that was the story of Kashmir Singh. All the news and media is conspicuously silent as to why:-

a. the spy of an enemy state who was awarded life imprisonment was not hanged.

b. He was freed in a state like Pakistan where hundreds of nationals are missing and the Chief Justice of that country is facing illegal detention just for the reason that he tried to took cognizance of that unlawful act of the Government.

c. There are thousands of Pakistanis in Indian detention, why efforts are not made chalk out a deal to get some Pakistanis released in exchange of this enemy spy.

d. Allah the Almighty in his Holly Book says that Believers are soft-hearted among each other and firm against non-Muslims. However, Mr. Musharaf is vice versa. He always showed tenderness and bowed his head (in fact head of whole nation) before non-Muslims and proved himself to be tyrant before his countrymen.